How To Dress For Your Engagement Photos

Deciding how to dress for your engagement photos doesn’t have to take as much effort as finding your wedding dress. Your Engagement Session is a fun, romantic time to dress up and enjoy with your soon to be spouse.

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1. Be Comfortable

Choose an outfit that you love and are comfortable in! If you never wear heels, you don’t have to for your engagement session. Your engagement session is a time for you and your soon to be spouse to enjoy each other while getting some beautiful portraits of the two of you.


2. Dress Up

Dress up a little but still wear an outfit that represents you, your style, and that you feel amazing in. Shy away from wearing any ill-fitting clothing or outfits with lots of stripes and patterns. Guys, ditch the sneakers for a nice pair of Chelsea boots or loafers.


3. Choose Outfits That Complement Each Other

While your soon to be spouse is your other half, you don’t want to be that couple dressed head to toe in the same outfit. When choosing your outfits, you want to choose them together to ensure that your outfits are similar yet different. You want an outfit that complements the both of you.


4. Neutrals & Pastels Are Your New BFFs

When selecting an outfit, ensure that you select something that doesn’t distract from the photos. You want the focus of your portraits to be you and your fiancé. I have found that reds, oranges, and any neon colors are the colors to stay away from when selecting your outfit. Add a pop of color to your outfit with your accessories or shoes!

Couple Embracing During a Garden Engagement Session while the girl holds a basket full of flowers


5. Pay Attention to the Seasons

The middle of winter may not be the perfect time to debut that new dress you’ve been eyeing. Spring and Fall are great times to dress in layers. Ladies, pair your outfit with a cute teddy coat, bomber jacket or cardigan. Guys, you can do the same with a sweater vest or Barbour coat.

Hopefully, this wedding planning guide covered all your outfit related questions on how to dress for your engagement photos. Click here to check out all of my other Wedding Planning Tips. 

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